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By bedesign
cicciocb wrote:
Hi bedesign,
I do not know what problem you are referring to but this is not a new version of ESPbasic but a completely new project.
One of the main objectives was to avoid crashes so it has been provided with an error handling mechanism to avoid this.
The beta phase aims to confirm that.


That's impressive, I assumed it was a fork.

Then this is now an irrelevant issue -

Anyway, testing for this aspect too is good if not already done.
I will certainly try all this later on in a few months.
But remembering 'Electroguard' and others struggled with
that unsolved problem, so I trust he is keen to test with a
maxed out size program.
A repeated filled simple program text should do.
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By trackerj
#76143 I am very happy to see this project becoming publicly alive, with a mature beta testing version available.

As this is no fork from MMISCOOL great project but a totally new project I think it will deserve a separate dedicated thread.

From what I have seen so for from the beta version release it is very easy to use and doesn't suffer from the memory and instability problems found in other similar approaches.

Kudos to cicciocb and Electroguard, I know that they put a lot of time and effort to this project!

Happy breadboarding,
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By Electroguard
#76201 Just for the record - 'maxing out' Annex is not easy because it has been designed to minimise memory use... and does a very effective job of it (although I have deliberately loaded it up to the hilt a few times).

But maxing out memory is not problematic anyway, because it has a user-controllable built-in low memory thresh-hold to prevent madness, as well as controllable error handling to trap and react to errors however wished.