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By Electroguard
#78336 Annex is already awesome.
Plus there are some super new features already developed which are still to be disclosed. And even more in progress. Including Annex for ESP32,
But there has been very little beta test involvement, with hardly any targeted testing, and hardly any additional contributions, so its readiness for public release has not progressed much.

More importantly, the developer CiccioCB is only one man with a busy job and a busy life, and although he has spent most of his available time to conjure up such an awesome creation, it is too much to expect him to also dedicate his life providing public support by himself.
It was originally hoped that the beta test group would become enthusiastic Annex experts willing to help with public support, but that hope did not materialise.
So at this moment in time, public release is not even a certainty.

That is the current situation - the future of Annex is dependent on one man.
Plain fact is... some people can make a difference, most don't.

Anyone wanting to make a difference and able to spot a unique moment in history where they might... there is still opportunity for willing enthusiasts to eventually become public-spirited Annex experts offering their advice to a growing community which they helped to make public.
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By PeterN
#78767 Hi electroguard

seams that you are the only link to CicioCB.
I was one of the testers - until Ciciocb had reasons to stoped talking to the (or only some?) testers by excluding them from the ANNEX-forum.

Now I am still using/testing ANNEX 1.35 beta1, so permitted by CiccioCB.
Basicly all was good, until some days ago.
Suddenly ALL my hardware-project on different ESP8266 (lolin v3, nodemcu, wemosD1Mini) powerd with ANNEX have the same problems: Stopps working with wdt-error and then can't be started anymore. Reflashing ends with same problem.
If flashing/starting in AP mode, it works for some minutes until i see the same problem.
As a wifi-client you see on the serial console that it starts up until the ESP gets his IP-adress from DHCP.

All this not only with ONE ESP and not only using ONE flashing-PC ( but both with newes WIN10)
Seems to be a kind of memory-leak that corrupts the flash(?)
But why now?
Code was not changed.
Is the reconnection to the ANNEX-ESP-toolkit a reason for this?
It did work well until WHAT?

All the corrupted ESPs can be reflashed and do work with LUA, ESPBasic etc!!!

Do I have a local problem?

This is for shure not the right place to talk about ANNEX - but CiccioCB does not respond.