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By Electroguard
#78785 To put the record straight:
Annex is free for everyone participating in the project - it always has been, and always will be.
Annex will be free to the public, and always will be... IF it is eventually released.
The IF, and version timeout, and minor free update inconvenience, and optional licencing ... were not even contemplated at the beginning of beta testing. The version timeout is a direct consequence of non-participation members, because it raised unavoidable questions about their motives, leading on to the possibility for abuse of privilege and piracy.

So it is ironic that it's the same non-participating members who are complaining about the version timeouts and licence mechanism ... who actually caused them to be introduced due to persistently ignoring all requests to participate.

But that's ok... because it resulted in the possibility for remaining Annex users to licence Annex devices for profit if wished, even if eventually it may incur some minor cost. Which certainly adds incentive for development, and for discovering ever more astonishing capabilities of Annex.

But Annex will still always be available for free, even if with a minor inconvenience a few times a year for those who choose not to pay a trifle to gain unlimited convenience.
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By rudy
The version timeout is a direct consequence of non-participation members

Was it made clear when the participants started, about this timeout and the consequences? If it was then there shouldn't be an issue. If it was introduced later, then were the participants duly informed, with sufficient notice, to take alternate action?
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By PeterN
#78788 Hi Electroguard
Sorry, but you are bringing -without any reason- a bad tone to the discussion. Please carefully read again my first post from today - I did use 1.35beta1 further WITH PERMISSION (by email from CiccioCB) and had - until today - no hint for the strange behavior of the firmware.
And the only technical thing I was interested in today was: Why does the ANNEX-firmware 1.35beta1 suddenly stop working without any error message that gives a hint to the reason for the behavior?
Did I have a local problem? No, the problem was build in and made intentional without informing the user in a reasonable way.
Best practice should have been to give a good error message on serial output, which would have saved me a lot of time. And there would not have been any reason for my questions.

BUT: Let us go back to our breadboards and the ESP8266 and use ESPBasic for coding!