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By mobzero
#76958 Hi everyone.

I'm using the analog Pins of Arduino Mega to read voltage, current and power values. Next step is to save this information in a SD Card (done) and also send it to a webserver, with an ESP8266-01, via AT commands (also done).

Now i wanna save the timestamp of each readed value so i can analyse the data if the wi-fi signal is lost, without using any external clock.

My idea: ask a website for the time and receive a string with the date and hour like: Mon, 09/07/2018, 14:40. Any suggestion for this problem? I've tried to find similar problems but can't find any solutions.

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By mobzero
#76991 Hello again everyone,

I found in the latest ESP8266 Instruction Set that there are 2 AT commands to get the time via NTP (Network Time Protocol).

After upgrading my ESP, it finally recognizes both commands: "AT+CIPSNTPCFG" and "AT+CIPSNTPTIME". The problem is that the returned data is always:
Code: Select all+CIPSNTPTIME:Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970

Any suggestion? Thanks.
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By QuickFix
#77025 And you are sure you were able to configure the time-zone and servers before querying the time?
Code: Select allAT+CIPSNTPCFG=1,2," "," ",""

And what does it tell you when you query the configuration:
Code: Select allAT+CIPSNTPCFG?