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By Mr. Wilhelm
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Hi, I'm using the ESP8266-01 (First version). Let's start with some background information. I got this wifi-module in a starter pack for Arduino. This is a third party starter kit (quite good book, but i'm stuck).
Sorry for the HUGE photos...

I connect the ESP to my Arduino like shown on this circut diagram:


I'm able to communicate with the wifi-module. I send AT, and get OK in return, Using Serial over 115200 Baud.
In my program, I want to communicate with the module at two different pins, since the Arduino Uno only has 2 serial pins, and those are being used for my serial debugging connection to the computer.

The solution is the software serial library. The problem is that Software Serial only work at 9600 Baud.

So with the wifi-module connected, I send
And now I'm able to communicate over 9600 Baud, although when I type AT+RST, it goes back to using 115200 Baud. I tried to just move the pins over, without the restart, but with no success. It appears to going back still...

I have started to look into maybe doing a firmware upgrade, but I'm overwhelmed by all the different info and it's not quite clear how I would do that via the Arduino...

So my final question. How do I permanently set it to 9600 Baud?

Best Regards
Mr. Wilhelm