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By csheldon93
#78816 After loading esphttpd firmware, everything works really well, except two (most important things):

Redirection after connecting to ESP Access point. It redirectes but never gets loaded, and I have to push reload button on chrome browser multiple times until it loads the index page
Scanning of available wifi networks...after switching to STA+AP mode, it never finishes scanning and never shows available just sits there saying scanning...
any help please?
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By csheldon93
#78870 Anyone has any Idea about this?
I should point out that I am using non-os SDK v2.2.1 and I have only one access point available (which is not showing up in scan result)

Also..turns out that by using modified WIFI_Connect(wifiConnectCb) function from esp mqtt project causes some serious trouble in esphttpd v2.0.0 when esp is used in ST+AP mode. It won't allow me to connect to ESP AP, crashes often and sometimes it displays the notorious message "err, already associed"

Any help please?