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By McChubby007
#80072 I was just looking through the Espressif API docs, and noticed that esp8266 RTOS SDK docs are stating the intent to move to an 'ESP-IDF' style for the framework.

Has this happened yet?

Is this in v3 of the RTOS sdk?

Will the RTOS sdk eventually be rolled into an ESP-IDF specifically for the esp8266?

Although I don't use the RTOS SDK, I am planningwork with esp32 ESP-IDF so knowing the answers to this will help me plan better and help porting/migration of any esp8266 code.

I know that these are questions for Espressif but I imagined a better response if I asked here, so hope you don't mind!
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By Deous
#80565 Hey, I recently looked into RTOS SDK for ESP8266 and was experimenting with IDF project.
Surprisingly I managed to compile my project and flash it with either esp32 or esp8266 toolchain.
However board seems not to work or boot process is doing something wrong.
I used CMake compilation under VS Code IDE. I am not sure what I could be doing wrong but according to SDK updates all should work ok - at least with current rtos idf