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By jeffrey92
#83528 This is @someburner from github, haven't been on here in a long time but glad to see the "advanced" section was created! I hope to be more active on here.

What is the status on merging up to lwip 2.1.2? I mentioned on a github issue for NONOS_SDK that I got this repo working with esp-open-sdk From what I can tell, your edits implant the Espressif stuff directly into the source instead of that one that maps old functions to new ones and then has a bunch of patches. The mapping way is a bit clunky in my opinion, although it does make it easier to pull upstream changes for lwip. But lwip doesn't seem like the most active project.

I would prefer to compile lwip in my project's source so I'm thinking your way would be better. But I also want to have upstream fixes/features from lwip2. Do you see this being difficult?
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By eriksl
#83532 I did no work for getting LWIP up to date to upstream, other than some changes to get the sources as much as possible equal to what's in the (old) public LWIP version.

I found no reason to continue working on this, as the newer LWIP (2) versions don't offer anything relevant to me that the current version doesn't have. IPv6 is nice and fun, but not required.

If anyone wants to pursue this path, that would be nice. The current version as in my repo is almost equal to the LWIP upstream, so one could apply all newer commits one by one or maybe even do a merge. My fear though is that it will break the subtile changes Espressif added to workaround shortcomings in the wlan driver code.

And BTW I think no-one should be using the ridiculous "esp-connect" code. It only adds another layer of code, needs extra resources and has a few bugs too, for free. It's better to use the LWIP interface directly, althought the learning curve is a bit steep, the documentation isn't that great.