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By Petr Lukas
#82171 In this video we will introduce how to make a very simple air quality meter in a room. For this purpose, we use the GY-MCU680V1 sensor containing the BME680 chip from Bosch Sensortec. BME680 is a metal oxide-based sensor that detects VOCs by adsorption (and subsequent oxidation/reduction) on its sensitive layer. Thus, BME680 reacts to most volatile compounds polluting indoor air (one exception is for instance CO2). In addition to measuring the VOC content, the sensor can also measure temperature, humidity and air pressure. We use ThingSpeak interface (optional) to record the measured values and a simple OLED shield to display them. Today, the sensor can be purchased at Chinese stores at a relatively friendly price (see links below for current price).

https://gist.github.com/xxlukas42/a878f ... b9500b79f5