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By Bonzo
#82233 Yes it seems strange but other people on the web have had similar problems. I tried again this year and just testing with both devices in the same room and a new power supply recommended on another forum and it failed in the first few hours. I got it going again and it lasted a couple of weeks before it failed. It was a WiFi/hanging problem- no idea what went wrong first. I tried installing some code to get it to check a website and if it could not connect, reboot but that did not work. After that I basically gave up with it as I had no faith in it.

I had one running at work a few years ago monitoring the temp/humidity and that was over the ethernet and needed rebooting quite often. I blamed the IT department but it may have been the Pi. I did not have access to it and it was not doing anything critical and so the students just used to reboot it when they remembered. Another guy had one monitoring the temp/humidity in another lab and he was an electronics/coding expert compared to me and his ran for a year or so and then started failing the same way. That was not so bad as it was just displaying data pulled of an aircon controller and so the data was not lost.

Actually the more I think about it we had more around than I remembered. I put a couple in a wall running some monitors and they just stopped but nobody seemed keen on me getting them working. They must have been original Pi's.

Anyway as I say I am not a fan and have two sitting in a cupboard I will probably never use; I suppose I should ebay them.

Going back to the PSU ( I can not remember all the details now ) I could not find any suitable higher current ones in the UK. I used the official Pi one at 2.5A
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By kashifmirza
btidey wrote:A common basic method of sending data is to use the MQTT protocol. You would use a MQTT client on the esp8266 and a MQTT server (broker) on the raspberry. If you search for esp8266 raspberry MQTT you will find lots of examples. E.g. ... d-ESP8266/

thanks realy helpful tutorial
but my esp not communication with rpi mai b mqqt library error :roll: