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By Timmiej93
#82329 So I've been building a small webserver for my NodeMCU ESP01 for a while now, and it has been serving my HTML pages perfectly for months. Suddenly though, it started throwing out of memory errors, referring to the line that contains socket:send(). I was reading and sending the HTML files 1024 bytes at a time, which worked fine, but not anymore. It seems like lowering it to 512 bytes resolves the out of memory errors, but that leaves me with longer loading times.

So I'm wondering, what could be causing this sudden change? Could it just be the amount of files I have on the ESP (Total : 459330 bytes, Used : 76304 bytes, Remain: 383026 bytes)? Seems unlikely to me, but I'm no expert.

Also, what do the "E:M xxxx" messages signify? I'm assuming they're some sort of error code, but googling them doesn't really give me anything useful.