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By Timmiej93
#82335 So for the project I'm working on, I have quite some files to upload to my ESP, so when I saw
Ever wished you could prepare a SPIFFS image offline and flash the whole thing onto your microprocessor's storage instead of painstakingly upload file-by-file through your app on the micro? With spiffsimg you can!
, I was happy. Sadly, I then found this GitHub issue from 2016, with the final post ending in:
Tutorial for the masses
IMO should have a recipe-style section (step-by-step bullet list) for our largest user base - those using the cloud builder. I don't think it's user-friendly to have them wade through the 'Technical Details' section to figure out how to build and use spiffsimg. IMO it should answer a simple question: "I just downloaded a NodeMCU binary, what do I have to do to get a SPIFFS image for flashing?".

So until I saw that date, I was happy. Sadly, it appears like creating that simple tutorial never happened.

So, some questions:
  1. I currently flash an ISO with NodeMCU firmware onto my ESP, and then use ESPlorer to upload my lua and html files. Can I combine these files into one img file with sipffsimg and upload it in one go?
  2. If this is possible, how should I do this? Do I need to include the firmware when creating the img file? Do I flash it? Do I upload it through ESPlorer? I've tried all combinations I can think off, but I'm not getting anywhere
  3. Is this method even still relevant? It doesn't really seem to have taken off since 2016, so I'm guessing there's a reason for that?