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By davydnorris
#82449 I'm running MQTT over TLS1.2 at the moment and have no problems, so it definitely can be done.

Have a look at the compiler settings put up in this thread and see if they help at all.

In addition you could generate a link map and see where your RAM is going
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By maverickchongo
#82455 @davydnorris

Thanks for your answer.

In a simple project with no much running (only the basic) I am also able to run mqtt over TLS, I have done some tests and found that when the free heap memory goes below 38k it is not able to do the handshake anymore.

In my current project I have only 31K of free ram, so I need to get about 7K more. Before I was on non-os sdk version 2 and by upgrading to version 3 I got about 15K more RAM (which left me with 31K of free RAM in total), that is why I asked this question here to see if there is something else I could upgrade...

My first thought was to upgrade to the LWIP version that @eriksl published here, he says he got 11Kb of free ram by doing so:


But having a closer look to his library looks like quite a big task getting rid of all the espconn layer on my project...

@davydnorris I'll try the two thing you suggested, thanks