The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By Bonzo
#82505 I have downloaded data three different ways now:

UDP to a folder using Python on a Pi
HTTP to a php page on website
FTP directly into my website.

Also MQTT to the Adafruit website which is probably not what you want to do as it is a pain getting it back onto a PC. Although a electronics/software at work did it someway using a Microsoft program.
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By Bonzo
#82510 Yes but I think mine was a lot shorter than that as all that as all I did was start the wifi, receive the request from the Python code and transmit the data back. I do not think I had a lot of error checking :oops:

I formatted my computer earlier this year and due to a cockup lost a lot of data and code so can not post what I did.
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By davydnorris
#82517 Regarding my previous answer - what languages have you programmed in previously? Have you ever used JavaScript, Java or Python?

If you have, then it would be really easy to set up a very simple web server that would accept a POST command from the ESP and then save the data in a file. Check out this thread on a really basic Python server:

Similar things can be done in node with JavaScript

If you've used MQTT before then you can run your own broker on your laptop, but then you would need to also create a client app to get the data from the broker. BUT... if you already have all that from your playing with ThingSpeak then it may be really simple to just set up Mosquitto on your laptop and point your existing code to the new broker.