The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By Dan Kiefer
#82581 I just sent my first packets from the ESP to the laptop, using UDP. On the ESP side I took the code Bonzo provided. On the laptop's side I used the code provided here:

Thanks to all who contributed!
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By Bonzo
#82584 Glad you got it working Dan

I have no idea about C# and the post you linked to and it got me thinking. A quick search on Google and I found quite a few UDP send/receive programs and I will give one of them a go as I will not then need Python. Although my Python code was manipulating the data before saving it and I am not sure the programs I found will do that.

More out of interest as I am not actually using that method now. Although I would have if I had known there was a way to send and receive UDP in Windows directly