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By Agentsmithers
#82538 Hi Everyone! I wrote a simple loop in the software that will connect to any open SSID around it on disconnect to keep this device connect to any available hotspot. The method I use is to kick off a scan manually in one of the System Post task. Once it connects it will call WiFi_Handle_event_cb. On disconnect it will do the same kicking off the scan and looping over until it finds an open ssid.
Heres the thing though, Everytime the WiFi is about to kick off a scan I get the status of the WiFi station and it reflects the station is in either connecting mode or some other mode... but the moment the mode reflects Idle on a random loop the system crashes with LoadProhitbitedCaused.
I wrote this code and I don't take any code paths any differently based on the Stations status.. I just know that when it reads Idle it crashes and Im not sure why. Anyone else ever come across this issue before?