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By Sirquil
#82828 Update 6/16/2019, Version 1.3

No new features; fixed unixtime time setting of the DS3231. Thank you for the fix Haroon552, of the " Community."

Formated sketch, made a few minor changes, Credited Haroon552 with fixing unixtime setting of the RTC.

]Project Web Site

Output of Serial Monitor for Project version 1.3.
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Version 1.3 of ESP32 Project file.
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By Sirquil
#82889 Version 1.4

Fixed issue with WiFi reconnects --every time "Five Minute Routine" executed; caused entries every five minutes in WIFI.txt file.

Included files related to project in attached file.

Features of "Rain_Gauge_One.ino". Version 1.4

1. RTC with GPS update; used for 15 minute time interval, date-time stamping, and dayofweek;
"LOG. file gets created daily. File name is in the format "LOGxxyyzzzz" xx being the DATE and yy
beining the MONTH and zzzz being the YEAR; a new log file is created after every file renaming.

2. Dynamic web page of current observations showing Last update time and date, humidity, dew
point, temperature, heat index, barometric pressure, rainfall by five minutes, hour, and day..

3. Files on server are listed as web links; clicking link prompts for: "FAVICON.ICO", and "ACCESS.TXT"
are listed; however, they are for internal use and are restricted; result of clicking link produces
"404 Page not found."

4. LOGXXYYZZZZ file is appended every 15 minutes with the latest update; storing data from Dynamic
web page.

5. URL file names other than ones defined in the Sketch produce "404 Page not found." Methods
other than "GET," produce "405" message and exits current request.

6. Optional; Audible alert from Piezo electric buzzer when there is Barometric Pressure difference
of.020 inches of Mercury. I am interested in sudden drop of Barometric Pressure in a 15 minute
interval. Serve weather more likely with a sudden drop. Difference of .020 inches of Mercury
point is set for my observations to log and sound audible alert; not based on any known value
to be associated with serve weather.

7. Optional; two-line LCD Display of Barometric Pressure, in both inches of Mercury and millibars.

8. Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, and Dew Point have four embedded ""
graphs on one web page. Graphs are created from Iframes provided by ""

9. HTTPClient library is used to POST data to the hosted, Domain website. Function
"webInterface" function sends data.

10. Free, "000webhost powered by HOSTINGER" may be used for "Domain hosted" website.

11. "dataCollector.php" needs to be uploaded to your Hosted web site.

12 Simple FTP file transfer; allows for easy file maintenance, preventing too many log log files.
Works with Filezilla client.

13. Built-in OTA update; remote sketch update by web interface. Used with "webInterface" function.

14. Two websites,one sketch: "Rain_Gauge_One.ino"

ES32 Server Dynamic web page, file browser (selected file can be downloaded),
and graphs. Note this project is in development; maybe offline or log files may be affected. Server
is online 24/7; except during periods of testing.


Server is an "Adafruit, Espressif ESP32 Development Board - Developer Edition," PRODUCT ID: 3269.
Development board, GY-BME280 breakout board, purchased from "," NEO m8n GPS Module,and a
"tipping bucket" rain gauge are required for project.

Development board is "Arduino" friendly; can be programed using the Arduino IDE.

Project file and related files
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By Sirquil
#84140 10/12/2019, Version 2.0 of project

Reworked "Rain_Gauge_Two.ino" to use file, "variableInput.h;" this file is used for editing variables with network settings, user names, and passwords, all in one place --no more searching thru Sketch code to find lines requiring editing!

"variableInput.h" can be placed in the Sketch folder; when this is done there should be a new tab in the "Arduino IDE" window, labeled "variableInput.h."

Note: "" contains Sketch and files related to Sketch.

Version 2.0 of project. Customization file enables editing variables required to customize for use on your network.
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By Sirquil
#84498 Will soon be posting a new, version of "" ESP32, Open Source project.

I am in the testing stage of my project. Would like to see how it responds to visitors, before posting the code.

Async Web Server Online

Project is a conversion of ""; WiFi Client/ Server, to an Async Web Server using