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By hetal
#83382 Hello Experts,

I am very new to ESP8266.

I have been trying to interface ESP8266 module with MCU MSP432E401Y. Trying to check the interface by sending test command

I have set baud rate to default (115200).
If I look at the response received in my MCU, I see it complete Garbage. I suspected baudrate and changed it to 9600 but no luck.

I then used Signal Analyzer. Set baud rate for serial interface to 115200 and probed the TX and RX pins on the ESP module, I see that my MCU is sending proper data and also TX signal capture show the proper response as "OK\r\n".
However my controller buffer show the garbage being received. weird.

To check the data receive problem in my MCU, I then turned of the module by setting Chip Enable to LOW and using jumper wire loop backed the data by shorting TX and RX pin on module.
At this point I see that my MCU is sending "AT\r\n" and receiving the same data..... aaah weird again.

Couple of points...
1. Signal analyzer show proper data being sent to ESP module and response too by probing TX and RX pins on module
2. MCU receives garbage from the module always
3. Loopback confirms no issues at MCU receive functionality as it is able to receive the same data it is sending

Question to experts,
What could be the issue?

Appreciate any pointers, directions to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance!