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#83408 Hey, I've used the ESP8266 before to make a connection to a webserver.
I not used the Arduino examples but used the standard interface (UART?).

But now, these days HTTP requests are no longer accepted.
Is there an easy way to change the firmware (or other way), to use the ESP8266 in secure mode (HTTPS).

Can someone lead me the way to this new firmware or an other way to get a safe connection?
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By Bonzo
#83409 There are tutorials on the web on how to do it and it basically comes down to adding the certificate value to the code. This has one major drawback and that is every year or so when the certificate changes you need to change your code. My certificate is automatically changed and I am not sure when it happens so my connection could fail for days if I am away.

I have added a subdomain on one of my sites that does not use HTTPS so I can keep using the HTTP code.