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By esp8266_abc
#83576 Thanks at first.

But we can not find the code of address of 0x4000df2f from the built .S file but only could find info from the .Map file
0x4000dea8 PROVIDE (memcmp, 0x4000dea8)
0x4000df48 PROVIDE (memcpy, 0x4000df48)
That is, 0x4000df2f is an address inside the C libary function of memcmp().

However, in our code, we never call the memcmp() and its alias function. We call ets_memcmp() or its alias os_memcmp() only. ets_memcmp() and memcmp are totally different functions and placed in different address. And we check the "open source" section of SDK codes, only find two address uses memcmp or its alias but we never use functions relevant to the two addresses.

Any further suggestions?