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By Say_hello
#83790 i run Win 7 

the hardware: 

a. Joy-IT-Node MCU ESP8266 

.. and besides that i also tried it with the following 

b. ESP32-T Development Board CP2102 mit Espressif ESP-WROOM-32 IoT WLAN & BLE Modul

i have installed the >

by the way: i could try to do all that on a linux machine. 
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By btidey
#83792 Normally those boards should just show up in Windows without installing any extra drivers. Under device manager -> Ports you should see the device together with a COM port number e.g. COM4. This is the device you need to flash to.

If you are flashing micropython then this has nothing to do with Arduino. You need to get the binary and then flash it using a tool like as described in ... intro.html

If you are doing something like this then you need to describe exactly what commands you are using and what errors are occurring.