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By Pioterk
#84532 Hi,

Some time ago I made a project with John Lassen "ESP 8266 Arduino IDE WebConfig" (still available on the net). But I needed to make some adjustments and flashed the updated software with board release 2.6.
Then everything went crazy with restarts and freezes.

Initially I searched for a bug in the soft I made. Then I tried flashing the original John's WebConfig, and the result was the same. Then I reverted back to board release 2.4 and things came back to normal - almost.

Are there any crucial differences between the releases that are necessary to be included in an old software?
Or maybe it is due to some flashing settings?
What are 2.6 flashing setting which are equivalent to 2.4 relase?

Thanks for any hints!

br, Piotr

Well, it proved to be faulty power supply - nothing wrong with the board release or Arduino. So if you see re-boots - check power supply first.