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By arundale


Sqlite µLogger is a Fast and Lean database logger that can log data into Sqlite databases even with SRAM as low as 2kb as in an Arduino Uno.

This repo is an Arduino library that can work with Arduino Uno board or any Arduino board that has minimum 2kb RAM and a SD Shield attached.

It has been tested with Arduino Uno with SparkFun MicroSD Shield, WeMos ESP8266 D1 Mini with WeMos MicroSD Shield and ESP32 SD_MMC breakout board.

For finding out how the logger works and a complete description of API visit Sqlite Micro Logger C Library at

Getting started

The example Uno_and_above shows how data read from Analog pins can be stored along with Timestamp into Sqlite database and retrieved by RowId.

Records can also be located using Timestamp in logarithmic time by doing a Binary Search on the data logged. This is not possible using conventional loggers.

For example, locating any record in a 70 MB db having 1 million records on Arduino UNO with SparkFun microSD Shield took only 1.6 seconds.

The examples ESP8266_Console and ESP32_Console can be used to log and retrieve from ESP8266 and ESP32 boards respectively on Micro SD and SPIFFS filesystems.