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By AverageGuy
#85525 I am running a generic ESP8266 board connected to a Mint 18 system. I have programmed it with the Arduino IDE and am monitoring the output on the Serial Monitor. The board is outputting a small block of data every hour. After a few (3 or 4) hours it stops. It appears to have dropped the serial connection.

Has anyone seen that before? I don't have anything else running that uses serial ports.

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By Chris DB
#85558 Mine has the CP2102 USB-Serial converter and I don't think I've noticed any disconnects for many hours. However, my ESP32 also has CP2102, but sometimes is playing tricks on me and I have to unplug it and plug it back in, to be able to reopen the serial port. But when it works, it can work for days.

Another problem I had with ESP32, was to get random crashes when enabling WiFi caused by power fluctuations due to excessive current drawn through a thin/poor plug USB cable. I replaced the cable and the resets were gone. I could not believe it. It was a short cable too.