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By fcn200
#85581 Hello,

I've written a programm for android where I can connect my Android Device to the ESPs' AccessPoint (via TCP Socket) and control my Arduino.

There are commands read from the Android client like 'a', 'b' and so.
The ESP8266 has a very strange behaviour according to the Android's Version.
If I am using an older Android version like 4.4.2, everything is working fine, but if I'm using Android Version 10 the ESP8266 receives random commands.

The strange point is that I'm only connecting the Android Device to the ESPs' WLAN and it receives the random commands without using my App where the commands are sent by the user.
(-> using the old android version, there aren't any random commands received)

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this or what I'm doing wrong?