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By diraniyoussef
#54625 Good Work!
I'm following the pace of the book, so I reached this paragraph "Recommended setup for programming ESP8266" where you summarize the parts list; you mentioned "Resistors – Some 10K, some 20K, some 330Ohm – A handful – $1.00". What power do you recommend for these resistors?
0.5 W, 1W, 2W, 3W?
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By RichardS
#55290 Always an awesome resource.

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By KevinA
#56020 Good work on the book, I just got the notice and downloaded the current copy, you are missing a boat load of information:
ESP8285 Low Power embedded memory and cheap $2.85 in a ESP-07 form factor with ceramic and external antenna
Wemos D1 mini Pro with 25Q128 16MB memory $5
NodeMCU with 12E for $3.95
ESP8266-01 (512K devices) are dead with the current SDK
The ESPtool-ck with Ck's method of programming
ESP32 JTAG pins and software
ESP32 and ESP8266 emulator
ESP32 unofficial developer kit
ESP32 dynamic IO-MUX and how it works (or catching up with the ARM SOC crowd, finally)

Just keeping up with the new modules must be a full time job, trying to figure out what works and what is still vaporware in the ESP32 SDK is nothing but painful. I am feeling better about the effort to get JTAG working.
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