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By KevinA
diraniyoussef wrote:Good Work!
I'm following the pace of the book, so I reached this paragraph "Recommended setup for programming ESP8266" where you summarize the parts list; you mentioned "Resistors – Some 10K, some 20K, some 330Ohm – A handful – $1.00". What power do you recommend for these resistors?
0.5 W, 1W, 2W, 3W?

0.125 1/8 watt at most. This is a 3.3 volt device with a maximum of 12ma on each GPIO. The 3mm and 5mm LED's on Ebay take 20ma to drive to full brightness. Using a LED calculator and a white LED (1.8V drop) a 125 Ohm resistor would pass 12ma at 0.0216 watts, 12ma is the max you would want to drive the IO PIN, 130 ohm is the closest value. 1/4 watt 157 values or 1/8 watt less values bottom of page
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By kolban
#56022 There is indeed a lot missing. A long break was taken when I turned to look at Raspberry Pi and CHIP (two other books). However with the arrival of the ESP32, I'm looking again the ESP family. The new ESP32 material will be covered in the months ahead and I've got a lot of polish and catch-up to do on the ESP8266 as well.

I appreciate the list of suggestions to address ... those are just what I need as areas to go study. All of them are new to me ... lots of good thing to go read about and catch up with the rest of the ESP8266 community.

Again ... MANY thanks my friend.
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By dvideohd
#57230 Hi..

I am working on creating a set of ESP32 - ecosystem boards..

I would like to reference and offer your eBook in the project.

Can we discuss this?

Email offline?

Jerry Robinson
Richardson, TX