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By sanyaade
Mmiscool wrote:I have been working on a google docs version of the help files. ... sp=sharing

You can download it as a PDF.
I hope I might replace the current format with this.

Hello Everybody,

I check the pdf but does not contain steps how to compile/build the interpreter from source.

I have tried to compile the espBasic but get errors for header files since I don't have clue about where to put the folder. I already have EspArduino working. Also I tried same EspArduino to compile uLisp and that work as well.

Is there a documentation, pointer or directions on how to compile espBasic either from command line or using Arduino IDE? I think something like folder layout will be help. I have tried ==> Hardware/ espBasic but this does not work. Please help!

God blesses!!!

Best regards,