Chat freely about the open source Javascript projects for ESP8266

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By extasic
#39991 Hi!

I'm really interested in running JS code on ESP8266 modules and am interested in where the differences between Espruino and Smart.js are? Are there different technical approaches or philosophies? Are both of them mature enough to be used by unexperienced beginners? Are GPIOs and Sleep Modes of the ESP8266 supported (I find the documentation for Espruino a little bit confusing about this topic regarding ESP8266)?

What are your experiences with them?

Thanks in advance!
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By BillC
#45821 I, on the other hand, have not tried Espruino but I have been having some success with Smart.js recently.

There is a little filesystem to which you can upload program files and run them, persistent even after a reset. Easy to reflash the device with the FNC utility as needed. I was able to write a websockets app that communicates well with a websocket server counterpart running on my PC.