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By Garak
#41430 What voltage do you have connected to the BME280? Is it the adafruit breakout board? If so the Vin pin needs something like 5V as its regulated down to 3.3v. If your trying to power it with 3.3v you might be able to back feed it through the 3vo pin but I haven't looked at the schematic to confirm that.
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By reaper7
#41470 @Gawan
Try my template library based on Adafruit BME280 lib + astuder template lib for BMP085 + my addition for altitude and relative pressure.
Included example configured for Your hardware (sda=0 and scl=2)
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Serial output:
Code: Select allTemperature: 23.45C
Humidity:    29.55%
Pressure:    1000.09hPa
RelPress:    1018.06hPa
Altitude:    149.99m

My BME280 module look like this:

Tested on supply voltage 3.3V and 5V without any additional pullup resistors on sda/scl