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By RichardS
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This is a textual clock "word clock", based on a ESP8266 addressable RGB LED and a ribbon.
This clock has a WEB interface for setting the initial (listing available WiFi networks, seized the key, and definition of the name of the clock on the network), and setting the display.
It broadcasts by SSDP & mDNS, to facilitate the connection for a normal user.
The time is automatically rule by NTP, the time is realigned every hour, just set the time zone and enable or disable the management of DST.
It also allows the display of the weather by a marquee (information retrieved on, you must define the location ID).
A marquee can be defined with some variables, such as hours, minutes, weather.
Different display types are available a color (color selection by list), rainbow (3 sub-modes), plasma, random effect, the full screen display with the time or the text.
The transition from good speed is adjustable from 0 to 500 (0 being the fastest).
The overall light intensity is adjustable from 1% to 100%.
It is possible to perform the firmware update via HTTP directly from the web interface.
The WEB interface is optimized for mobile phones, it uses jQuery and jQuery Mobile.
In case of disconnection of the WiFi network, the connection is restored automatically. At boot time the clock remains 2 minutes setting mode if it can not connect to the WiFi network, or if the setting is not defined.
It remains to incorporate an alarm mode and a light intensity change schedule.