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The AIRcable Serial-WiFi with the ESP8266 (module)

The ESP8266 on the ESP12 module is the heart of the AIRcable Serial-Wifi. It is a simple design that adds power supply, RS232 interface, DB9 and programmability for the ESP8266 into a beautiful commercial housing.

The switches on the product allow the user to enable programming and reset available from RTS and DTR signals. Switched off, the product will function from the RS232 as usual. The programming software, e.g. epstool can be used directly to update the firmware.

Power can be supplied from the barrel connector on the side or via the pin9 of the DB9 connector. 5-25V input is allowed.

Two LEDs show status of the chip as well as one LED on the module.

The product typical use case is on devices with RS232 port, that need a permanent connection to a server or the Internet. It can also act as a web server, allowing existing devices to be available as we web site, e.g. a scale or an instrument.

Firmware available are certainly the AT type configuration firmware from AT-Thinker but also the NodeMCU software, that enables any application to run, like the previous mentioned web server.

We open source the schematics as well as the board design with EAGLE. See attached for publication.




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