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By gelfling6
#60487 I ran into one of those FTDI dongles.. Deek-Robot, makes a mini 5-pin to serial, but the vcc output, despite the switch setting is always +5. I had gotten a bunch of L78L33AC regulators when I initially started tinkering with the Raspberry Pi & the Parallax P8X32A (Propeller). I put the regulator between the +5VCC pin, GND and any external devices requiring 3.3V, but yes, I've also run into the dongle not pumping enough mA to run the ESP8266.. I have, gone the route of paralleling a 22A (yes, you did read that correct, 22-Amp.) reused ATX supply, powered on before connecting to the 3.3V supply rail on any projects. without problems, but still using the 3.3V regulator with the FTDI dongle also connected to the 3.3V rail. Not exactly a kosher practice, but so-far, no sparks of fires (knock wood)