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By ideal2545
#47337 Hi All,

i was recently gifted an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH from a coworker who went to the microsoft build confrence, it came with alot of goodies:

I have never done any type of work on a development board/microcontroller before... i've wanted to mess around with an arduino but never got around to it.

Are there any good tutorials on how to get started with the ESP8266 in general? The terminology is all new to me. I do python development on a daily basis and I saw that MicroPython is now available for the ESP8266 but before I start messing with that I'd like to get my bearings straight...

I've currently got it snapped in to the halfsized breadboard and I've issued some minor commands to turn the LED on the device on and off.

Any help is appreciated

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By Bluegoldfish
#56628 Hi Jon,

There is a lot of info on the Adafruit site including some code examples.

I use the Arduino IDE to programme the ESP8266 devices I have. If tou have a look at the Adafruit HUZZAH and Adafruit feather HUZZAH pages you should find something useful.

I have managed to produce several different devices including a garage door monitor and model railway mobile speedometer. These use the ESP8266 as both a WiFi client and a web server.

Good luck!