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   * [[Connect to ESP8266 ONLY using Arduino Uno]]   * [[Connect to ESP8266 ONLY using Arduino Uno]]
 +Note - An arduino board is not needed usually as the ESP8266 has 16 times the memory and 5 times the speed . 
 +32KB for the UNO Flash and it operates at 16 Mhz.
 +512 KB for the ESP8266 and it operates at 80 Mhz.  (Up to 4Mb  and 160Mhz on some).
 +Its limitation is its IO pins . Most have but one Analog pin but many Digital pins 
 ===== Libraries ===== ===== Libraries =====
-  * [[ESP8266/​Arduino Maintained by IGRR  ​https://​​esp8266/​Arduino|https://​​esp8266/​Arduino]]]]+  * [[ESP8266/​Arduino Maintained by IGRR ]]
   * [[arduino:​diaoul|Diaoul'​s ESP8266 library]]   * [[arduino:​diaoul|Diaoul'​s ESP8266 library]]
   * [[https://​​itead/​ITEADLIB_Arduino_ESP8266|ITEAD Studio'​s ESP8266 library]]   * [[https://​​itead/​ITEADLIB_Arduino_ESP8266|ITEAD Studio'​s ESP8266 library]]
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