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Node MCU

Node MCU who provides the LUA firmware also propose evaluation boards:


An Arduino + ESP-01 board, with an ATMega 644:

ATMega 644 has two hardware serial ports

Olimex ESP8266-EVB EValuation Board

ESP8266-EVB is Evaluation board for ESP8266 with relay, button, UEXT, all GPIOs available on 0.1“ header

AI-Thinker 'Test Board'

The AI-Thinker board is an evaluation board with an onboard STC15L204EA microcontroller along with a relay, buttons and LEDs on all GPIOs, a relay, a buzzer, LDR, a socket for NRF240 modules, CH340 USB to Serial converter and DIP switches allowing different IO routing configurations to be setup. A small adapter board connects the normal ESP8266 modules to a pair of 2×4 headers. The board is widely available from a number of Chinese vendors.

DIP Switches

Serial Data Switch

This is the left-most switch when the USB port is at top. Controls routing of the serial data lines.

No. Label Function
1 DCRON ON=Connect ESP TX line to MCU RX line.
2 DCTON ON=Connect ESP RX line to MCU TX line.
3 ESPTON ON=Connect ESP TX line to CH340.
4 MCUTON ON=Connect MCU TX line to CH340.
5 ESPRON ON=Connect ESP RX line to CH340.
6 MCU_R_ON ON=Connect MCU RX line to CH340.

So, to achieve the following standard configurations set the dip switch as follows:

Configuration 1 2 3 4 5 6
MCU connected to CH340 OFF OFF OFF ON OFF ON
ESP8266 connected to CH340 OFF OFF ON OFF ON OFF
MCU connected to ESP8266 ON ON OFF OFF OFF OFF
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