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-====== ​LUA ======+====== ​Lua ======
 +There is one version Lua for the ESP8266 (and ESP32), that is still under active development and maintenance: ​ [[https://​​nodemcu/​nodemcu-firmware|NodeMCU Lua Firmware on GitHub]] with its online documentation set available [[https://​​en/​dev/​|here]].
 +After initial closed source development by the [[NodeMCU]] hardware developers, they released the software project to open-source in October 2014, and soon after invited a core group of community contributors to take over the software project. ​ This team has made some 1,800 material commits to the software base in the 3 years since the projects move to GitHub, with some 60 hardware and software modules now supported. ​ For further details see the online documentation. ​
 +A second version of Lua know as [[NodeLua]] stopped development in December 2014, soon after NodeMCU Lua was open-sourced,​ and is now moribund, as it does not work with any of version 1.x or 2.x releases of the Espressif non-OS SDK.
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