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-====== Raspberry Pi Integration ​======+====== Raspberry Pi & ESP8266 ​======
-===== Tutorials =====+==== The SDK and the PI ====
-  ​* [[raspberrypi:​getting_started|Getting started with ESP-01 and Raspberry Pi]]+**[[setup-linux-compiler-esp8266#​esp-open-sdk|esp-open-sdk]]** builds without problems on Raspian'​s flavour of Debian/​Wheezy for the PI2. 
 +(And on the Cubietruck'​s "​Cubian"​ flavour of Debian/​Wheezy too, but that may be an information for a different wiki page?) 
 +(Due to the lack of a "​PI1"​ I cannot thest it there...)
 +==== Connecting ESP8266 Modules To The PI ====
 +FIXME //I still use USB and telnet (netcat) to access my 8266ers so I can't tell about 8266ers and the PI's GPIOs.// ​ --- //yeti 2015/06/20 09:11//
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