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-====== Welcome to the ESP8266 Community Wiki ====== 
-[[:​start?​do=register|Register to edit the Wiki]] 
-[[https://​​intent/​follow?​​region=follow_link&​screen_name=esp8266com&​tw_p=followbutton|Follow on Twitter]] for the latest NEWS. 
-Also on [[https://​​esp8266com|Facebook]] 
-The game plan for this page is to make it a Table Of Contents for the rest of the WIKI, then links off the TOC will take you to the real information. Try to not bury info either, one level deep off the TOC for most things and 2 levels for the things that really need it. 
-USE imaginative URLs and page names for better Google Indexing! ​ 
-People can start making a skeleton TOC and then others can fill in the missing pages that link off of the TOC. 
-Please visit [[http://​|The ESP8266 Community Forum]] to chat with others about this wonderful IC! 
 ===== Table of Contents ===== ===== Table of Contents =====
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 ==== ESP8266 On-Chip development ==== ==== ESP8266 On-Chip development ====
   * [[Toolchain]]   * [[Toolchain]]
 +  * [[Connecting The Board]]
   * [[Loading Firmware]]   * [[Loading Firmware]]
   * [[Hardware SPI Information]]   * [[Hardware SPI Information]]
   * [[Mode Changes]]   * [[Mode Changes]]
 ==== ESP8266 Compiler Setup and Usage ==== ==== ESP8266 Compiler Setup and Usage ====
   * [[Windows setup-windows-compiler-esp8266|Arduino IDE]]   * [[Windows setup-windows-compiler-esp8266|Arduino IDE]]
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 ==== Getting Started ==== ==== Getting Started ====
 +  * [[start-with-esp-12-arduino|Start with the ESP8266-12E and the Arduino tools]]
 +  * [[getting-started-with-the-esp8266|ESP8266 101]] older low level version
   * [[getting-started-with-the-NodeMCU development board|NodeMCU development board]]   * [[getting-started-with-the-NodeMCU development board|NodeMCU development board]]
-  * [[getting-started-with-the-esp8266|ESP8266 101]] 
-  * [[start-with-esp-12-arduino|Start with the ESP-1 and the Arduino tools]] 
   * [[ota-over-the-air-esp8266|Over the Air information (OTA)]]   * [[ota-over-the-air-esp8266|Over the Air information (OTA)]]
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   * [[https://​​SUPLA/​ESP8266|SUPLA - Firmware]] - WiFi-Socket firmware and Gate-Module firmware based on SUPLA project   * [[https://​​SUPLA/​ESP8266|SUPLA - Firmware]] - WiFi-Socket firmware and Gate-Module firmware based on SUPLA project
   * [[https://​​blog/​how-to-program-nodemcu-esp8266-in-python-with-zerynth/​|Getting Started with Python for ESP8266 using Zerynth]]   * [[https://​​blog/​how-to-program-nodemcu-esp8266-in-python-with-zerynth/​|Getting Started with Python for ESP8266 using Zerynth]]
 +  * [[https://​​projects/​make-a-web-server-with-esp8266/​]] - Make a Web Server with ESP8266
 +  * [[https://​​arendst/​Sonoff-Tasmota]] - Provides ESP8266-based Sonoff-Tasmota firmware for iTead Sonoff, Wemos and NodeMCU hardware with Web, MQTT and OTA firmware using Arduino IDE or PlatformIO - See http://​​tasmota/​ for more info on Sonoff-Tasmota
 +  * [[https://​​xoseperez/​espurna]] - Home automation firmware for ESP8266-based devices - See http://​ for more info on ESPurna
 +  * [[https://​​letscontrolit/​ESPEasy]] - The ESP Easy firmware can be used to turn the ESP module into an easy multifunction sensor device for Home Automation solutions - See https://​​wiki/​index.php/​ESPEasy for more info on ESPEasy
 +  * [[http://​​ESP_Schachzwerg/​index.html]] - A chess playing computer with touchscreen LCD user interface.
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