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By GalactusX31
#93316 It has been a while since the last time I was present in this forum ( LINK ), due to these dates and the current situation against covid-19, I have not been able to work much on my project, but I have continued doing tests, making mistakes, study and do various small progress.

Now I am at a dead end, or rather, in other words, the next big step, establishing a simple format to create a list of keywords, encompassing all possible variants to other languages to carry out this simple task: say the time and date autonomously without the need for an internet connection (more or less).

My personal way of undertaking this process is as follows:

- Have a file ( or by means of a structure in the programming ), with all the languages available in google translator with their corresponding code. list of languages supported by Google Translate.
- Keyword file configuration:
  1. Have a basic file for each language, containing all the keywords necessary for the normal operation of the clock.
  2. Have a basic file, containing all the keywords for all the languages already translated.
The file containing all the languages could be like this (the option I am working with just for tests):
Code: Select allFile -> languages.txt

Of course, this can be expanded without much trouble to contain the equivalence of each language to the others, for reasons of having an audible menu.
Code: Select allFile -> languages.txt
Español(es),Ingles(es),Frances(es) ...
Spanish(en),English(en),French(en) ...
Espagnol(fr),Anglais(fr),français(fr) ...

For example, OPCION A could be like this (the option I am working with just for tests):
Code: Select allFile -> weeks.txt

and OPTION B would be something like this:
Code: Select allFile -> weeks.txt
Lunes(es),Monday(en),Lundi(fr) ...
Martes(es),Tuesday(en),mardi(fr) ...
Miercoles(es),Wednesday(en),mercredi(fr) ...

For now because it is too late for me, if someone is interested in this project and has any ideas or suggestions, I am with an open mind, in the next few days I will update the post with the parts of code that I have already done (open to suggestions and changes).

I have no training in programming, everything is self-study, be nice if you criticize something.

Also, I must apologize if any phrase or word is incorrect, English is not my mother tongue (I speak Spanish, but I read and understand English well).

Thank you.
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By GalactusX31
rpiloverbd wrote:Which board are you using? ESP8266 or ESP32? Or anything else?

Currently, I am doing tests with the "NodeMCU ESP32 ESP-WROOM-32" module, and I hope that when I finish the project and polish the code and other details, I will be able to port it to other devices / microcontrollers, such as the "NodeMcu WiFi ESP8266-12F" or even "ESP8266 ESP-01S", although the last one will be more difficult, since it does not have much memory to download large files from the Internet.