Chat here is you are connecting ESP-xx type modules to existing AVR based Arduino

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By Inq720
QuickFix wrote:BTW: I'm also a CamelCase bot. :lol:

You must be one of those AI's Musk keeps warning up about taking over the world! :D

I put a couple of my projects on the hub just for S&G's. And I noted during the process that you have to itemize hardware. If you have an Arduino product in the list, you get special treatment. If not (like all of mine) you get a tag and you can't be "featured" whatever that is. I'm fine with Arduino's self promoting capitalism... but because of that about every project that has an ESP in it also has an Arduino in it so they can get featured.

Maybe... I should stick an Uno in my projects and include photos using it as a door-stop.

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