Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By igrr
Stevenelson wrote:I downloaded the mac version it doesn't appear to be included, is it possible it's only in the Windows version?

Make sure you have selected "Generic ESP8266 board" before compiling.
Also kindly post verbose compiler output, otherwise it's a bit hard to diagnose the issue.
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By Stevenelson
#12858 I just tried again, as far as I can tell, there are no libraries included in that download.

I started from scratch...

1) I deleted my old copy of Arduino from the applications folder
2) I renamed the folder /Documents/Arduino to /Documents/ArduinoOLD
3) I downloaded the .zip file
4) uncompressed it
5) copied it into the Applications folder
6) ran it. it created a new Arduino Folder... empty Libraries subfolder.

If you just overwrite an old version with the new version it keeps the libraries from before. But this zip file doesn't seem to have any libraries in it. Unless, I'm doing something wrong.

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By igrr
#12861 Documents/Arduino/libraries is the folder for user-supplied libraries.
Libraries bundled with the IDE are located inside the Arduino.app.

If you are having issues running the sample, please do post the verbose compilation log. Verbose output can be enabled in Arduino > Preferences.