Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By Bert
hackrid wrote:seems we have to bypass the license stuff "some how" ?!

That's simple enough. There are self-served licences included, but those are only valid until 28-jun-2014. We can however still use them.

Set back the clock for a year (or any other sufficient period of time):
  • Disable internet time synchronization (double-click on time, third tab, leftmost button at bottom is "OK" as usual)
  • Shutdown VM
  • Set back BIOS time 1yr: VBoxManage modifyvm ESP_IOT_SDK --biossystemtimeoffset -31536000000
  • Start the VM again

Start the licensing server through the "xtensa" shortcut on the desktop. From here on Xtensa Xplorer can properly "validate" its license and functions as it should.
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By leblebitozu
#82 At the link http://bbs.brieflive.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2 talking about these documents ;

1, how to compile the project: Espressif IoT SDK Manual v0.5.pdf
2, how to download the program: Espressif IoT SDK Manual v0.5.pdf
3, how to debug: Espressif IoT Demo Manual v0.1.pdf
4, the general structure of the code: Espressif IoT SDK Programming Manual v0.6.pdf

I cant find it none of them in the VM image, do you know where is this documents ?
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By tinhead
#110 btw, there are driver sources for the ESP8089 in "kernel_rockchip-radxa-radxa-dev-kk". This is in principle ESP8266 with Miracast feature added.