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Which module form factor do you prefer?

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By jonsmirl
tinhead wrote:
jonsmirl wrote:
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RT5350 based, they also run Linux via OpenWRT. Around $7.00 Q1000.

having 1000 sensors at home that 1000 times Linux to be maintained and 1000 OpenWRT to be configured.
No thanks. ESP8266 costs ~2$/1k (or 2.50 with all parts), easy to configure and less power consumption.
No OpenWRT fight, no Linux crap patching, nothing like that.

Sure, ESP8266 is not really fast (I/O), but perfect for things like sensors.

The simple answer is that you want both, Linux and dedicated. Use something dedicated for fixed function devices like an outlet or temperature sensor. RT5350 for something with a UI - like a thermostat. This ESP8266 is really tiny, it is very easy to outgrow its capabilities.
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By RichardS
#139 This is a very good point!

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By hackrid
#155 unfortunately, there are different pinouts available for modules with the shape of ESP-01 :(

here is a module, that i think most of us will own in the next few days, but the center pins remain unconnected:

please someone ring the alarm bell if esp-03 is available from within the EU! :D
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By obvy
#157 I wouldn't ring alarm too early - "NC" on random Chinese (well, not just Chinese, Western vendors love that too) drawings may mean either "I'm stupid and don't know what they're" or "You're stupid and shouldn't know what they're". So, unless there're clear high-res pics of a module with unrouted pins, just assume it's the same pinout as a drawing from a more skilled and open vendor.