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By jonsmirl
#18496 Licensing for SDK 1.1.0 change to the Espressif MIT license since esp_iot_sdk_v1.1.0_15_05_26

Since the launch of the Espressif Bug Bounty Program beginning on March 20, 2015, we’ve received some important bug reports across the world which have helped us a lot in improving our SDK and our support to customers as well. We’d like to name them in our release note to show our great appreciations to all of the reporters for their feedback.

esp_iot_sdk_v1.1.0_15_05_26 Release Note
Resolved Issues(Bugs below are eligible for Bug Bounty Program):
1.Predictable TLS random values leads to insecure connections [projectgus]
2.Connection problem in softAP+station mode.[智捷通]
3.Low heap cause of reset when connect using SSL. [TuanPM]
4.Smart config issue [bigbear]

Document "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide" updates:
1.Update Demo code of rtc timer in appendix, and rtc timer will return to zero after deep-sleep wake up. [andrew]
2.Add "3.espconn callback" in appendix to introduce espconn callbacks and the pointer may be different in different callback.[nagverma]
3.Add RF description in “2.Overview”,if RF is disabled,ESP8266 station and soft-AP are both disabled.[yiaiguo]
4.Revise name of API "wifi_softap_set_dhcps_offer_option" [ryan]

1.Solving the problem that some Wi-Fi events may be missing during test.
2.UART Wi-Fi passthrough of UDP maybe change to oneway. [orgmar]
3.Optimized FOTA to make upgrade faster
4.ESP8266 soft-AP can connected to 8 stations at most, softap_config.max_connection default is 4
5.ESP8266 station will connect to the stronger WiFi signal, if there are several APs sharing the same SSID.[stefan]
6.Add 1024KB+1024KB flash map which need boot_v1.4+ and flash download tool_v1.2+, more details in document "2A-ESP8266_IOT_SDK_User_Manual"
7.Optimized PWM driver
8.Revised structure mdns_info to support 10 groups of text data.
9.user_rf_pre_init has to be added in user_main.c, user can call system_phy_set_rfoption to set configuration of RF in it.
10.Need not call wifi_station_set_auto_connect to disable auto-connect before smartconfig any more.
11.Remove some useless API from os_api.h, such as
diff -r esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1/include/osapi.h esp_iot_sdk_v1.1.0/include/osapi.h
< #define os_timer_done ets_timer_done
< #define os_timer_handler_isr ets_timer_handler_isr
< #define os_timer_init ets_timer_init
< #define os_update_cpu_frequency ets_update_cpu_frequency

Added APIs:
1.sntp_set_timezone: set SNTP time zone.
2.espconn_dns_setserver : set default DNS server
3.system_uart_de_swap : disable UART0 swap
4.system_get_flash_size_map: get flash size and flash map
5.system_phy_set_max_tpw : set maximum RF TX power
6.system_phy_set_tpw_via_vdd33 :set RF TX power according to VDD33
7.system_phy_set_rfoption : set RF option
8.wifi_station_get_rssi:get rssi of AP which ESP8266 station connected to  
9.wifi_softap_get_station_num :get number count of stations connected to ESP8266 soft-AP

AT_v0.24 Release Note:
Note: For AT firmware to support FOTA, flash size need to be 1024KB or more than that.
1.Disable data echo of command "AT+CIPSEND"
2.Optimized "AT+CWJAP?" to get channel and rssi
3.ESP8266 station IP can only be got and inquiried after ESP8266 station connected to AP

Added AT command:
1.AT+RFPOWER :set maximum RF TX power
2.AT+RFVDD : set RF TX power according to VDD33