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By Eyal
dkdileep wrote:ESPV7 works even at 5V and it has been running for 30+days on 3 cells now.

Apart from violating the spec, a high vdd is not a good idea if your app sleeps for long periods. While deep sleep is about 20-30uA (esp8266 alone) it increases rapidly when vdd rises. Here is a measurement I made a while back of deep sleep current (and it goes only up to 4.1v):
Code: Select allVdd  esp-07 
4.1    680uA
4.0    530
3.9    370
3.8    250
3.7    170
3.6    106
3.5     68
3.4     40
3.3     27
3.2     23
3.1     22
3.0     21.5
2.9     21
2.8     20.5uA

The current was measured on the esp alone. BTW vdd was supplied by an adjustable DC-DC buck converter.
These days I use a nice LDO with a low Iq.

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By tve
#22431 The 70mA power consumption level is due to the receiver being turned on. If the node is disconnected it's presumably trying to locate the AP, which means it has to have the receiver on. The 16mA lower power level is when the node tells the AP that it's going into low power mode. You can see the TX happening just before it powers down. Looks like yo have DTIM=1 setting on your AP, so it wakes up for every beacon (every 100ms).
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By dkdileep
#22446 Agreed that 3xAA puts ESP modules at risk. I have a simple battery PS for one project. Others (where the luxury of live power is there) I use standard LDO or LNK306 based designs.

How do I switch off the receiver? I tried with wifi.sleeptype(1 and 2). I can patch the firmware if you could point me to the right direction.
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By tuxedo0801
#48686 Hey guys,

I know, this post is quite old, but the topic is still current..

I want to use the ESP12 module completely without WiFi on a power source, that can provide at max. 50mA@3.3V

When I disable wifi, the ESP12 consumes about 14mA@3.3V... That would be okay. But as soon as I connect the ESP12 to my low-current power source, the 3.3V line drops to 1.8V and I can measure ~30..35mA. The blue LED on the ESP12 is continuoisly flickering.

I don't have a scope to measure the startup current when wifi is disabled. My current guess is: The ESP is consuming too much current at startup, too much my power source can handle. So it ends in a kind of boot-loop where is never comes to an end and consumes all the time too much current.

Would be great if someone could measure the current consumption this sketch ( produces or give at least a hint about my "startup power consumption theory":

Code: Select all#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

void setup() {
    // turn off wifi completely   


void loop() {