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By pkerney
#22828 I have been banging my head against this issue for nearly a week and there is so much information and speculation on this "Invalid head of packet" issue.
I was thinking it was the FTDI USB-RS232 module I was using. I had marginally more success with one module that another one but they were both very intermittent.
This modification to the script worked instantly! 100% written.
Now comes the hard part, do something with the ESP.
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By pietrushnic
Mr.Morse wrote:This is what I did to flash my ESP8266 - 01 from my windows pc
- Edit so that:
ESP_FLASH_BLOCK = 0x40 -p COM7 write_flash 0x000000 nodemcu_latest.bin


I didn't have to change ESP_FLASH_BLOCK. Changing ESP_RAM_BLOCK fixed issue.
Any reasonable explanation why changing ESP_RAM_BLOCK works ?