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By iwalker
#30000 Binaries flashed with Espressif's loader to a NodeMCU.
Once this is done how do You interact with the ESP8266 ?
I can see it has created a access point - Do you have to log into it to start feeding it JS commands or do we need to use a serial terminal ?
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By Erni
#30040 I just used the official Espruino Web IDE.

I flashed the binaries to a ESP-01 and was up and running.
Here is my blink example:

Code: Select allvar GPIO2 = new Pin(2);
var toggle=1;

setInterval(function() {
  digitalWrite(GPIO2, toggle);
}, 500);

I also got the HTTP responder workin: ... 07-Samples
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By kolban
#30047 @iwalker ... @Erni is bang on

The port of Espruino (JavaScript engine) to the ESP8266 had a goal to make the ESP8266 "just another" board on which Espruino runs. What this means is that whole story (instructions, tooling, libraries, documentation etc etc) that apply to Espruino are just as applicable to Espruino running on the ESP8266.

For those wanting to play with this new project, the Espruino web site can be found here:

There is a "Quick Start" page here"

For development, there is a Chrome App that provides everything one needs ... see: ... difdneehpo

When you have written some JS script, you can connect to the Serial port that connects to the ESP8266 and simply run.

Alternatively, you can connect your favorite serial terminal and reboot the ESP and you should then see the interactive JavaScript command line for manually entering (or pasting) JS statements and code.