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By xtal
#31456 Your video won' t go full screen , but with my print out I was able to follow -- thx

Now how do you concatenate the Wprint |"texxxxt" var "texttt" var2 "texxt"|
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#31528 Thanks for putting up the video, it clarified a bunch. I clicked on the title link and it took me to you tube and video went full screen. In another post you mention not to update the page to quickly. What would you recommend as the fastest? In my application the temperature is changing fast so I really need to see it about every second. Is this going to be doable?
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#32093 Im trying to get rid of the horizontal lines it keeps adding in the browser, I cant figure out how. Also a question about PRINT and WPRINT. Does WPRINT send to the browser only when the wait command is issued and there is no linefeed. Does PRINT send to browser and serial terminal as soon as it is issued and sends a linefeed.

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By Mmiscool
#32128 Print will send to the browser and the serial terminal. It will ad a horizontal rule between each line it adds. It will send to the serial terminal instantly but will not be returned to the browser untill the wait command is issued.

The wprint command will send to browser only and will not add any new lines.
To dothis you can do a wprint "<br>" or other aplicable html tags.

If the html you are outputing uses the quotation mark " you can use the | syblol to encompas it.
Wprint |some html "fhjfjfj" |