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By sej7278
#37687 I've just received one of these interesting boards: ... 02491.html

The idea seems pretty cool - you have a programming breakout separate to the module itself.

one part has reset and flash buttons, a CH341 usb uart and female headers.

the other half has usb for power only, a button and male headers for breadboarding - although it takes up all the rows on the breadboard! it also has an LDR and an RGB LED.

the problem i have is the typical complete lack of documentation - i can't figure out how to control the LDR/LED or even which pins they're connected to.

despite having flash/reset buttons i can only seem to program it from the arduino ide with the nodemcu v1.0 profile which does the DTR reset thing, pressing/holding the flash button seems to do nothing if i try the generic board method.

one of the screenshots in the listing seems to show a sketch referencing gizwits, who it seems are the makers, although i can't find anything but android apps on their github.

when i first plugged the device in, the rgb led was changing colour very slowly, the LDR seemed to have no impact on that. it connects to wifi and acts as an ntp client just fine from my sketch.

so has anyone come across one of these or can offer any guidance? also is there anything different between ESP-12E and 12F that we have to define in the arduino ide - different pinout, flash or anything?

edit: ok the LDR is wired to the ADC pin, analogRead(A0); works fine, giving 0-1023 readings.

the button is not a reset/flash button, but an input, its pulled high, so when you press it it returns 0, releasing returns 1

the pins seem to be:

LDR = A0;
RED = 15;
GREEN = 12;
BLUE = 13;

although the RED of the LED doesn't seem to be PWM'ing, its either on or off.
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By tuxmichael
#38023 I just received a similar module and hooked up to a terminal at 115 kbaud. It seems to wait for something. Then I installed a demo app from gizwits on my tablet. After giving my home wireless credentials the unit seemed to make connection to my WiFi network and started sending data to a cloud. Q: why is the module invisible in my wifi network? Q:how does my my tablet talk to it? It doesn't show up as an access point! Anyway, if my tablet app tells it how to log on to my local WiFi it starts sending data to some cloud. Q: How do I connect to the cloud to get my data?
Q: What do you mean with 'it connects to wifi' ? How dit it know to do that?